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Paternity Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Ask a Qualified Paternity Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK

Paternity is usually an issue in cases of child custody for unmarried parents. If you need to prove or disprove paternity to resolve a legal matter, turn to the Law Offices Of Matthew Eisert in Oklahoma City, OK. As a paternity lawyer, attorney Eisert can represent you during the paternity suit.

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3 Reasons You Might File a Paternity Suit

Why would you need a paternity lawyer to help you prove the paternity of a child? You might need to file a paternity suit in Oklahoma City, OK if:

  • You and the child’s parent were not married, and you need to prove paternity

  • You’re trying to negotiate the terms of a child support agreement

  • You want to obtain child custody or visitation rights

In these situations, filing a paternity suit is often the best way to bolster your case and protect your rights. Call the Law Offices Of Matthew Eisert today to schedule your free consultation with a paternity lawyer in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, OK & the surrounding areas!